Soaking Music & Meditation  

For the purpose of seeking intimacy with God. 

Candi Christman has weaved together the heartfelt worship of God in soaking music with the relaxation of resting prayer. She defines the beauty of creation and blends it with the glorious sounds of nature. She speaks the living words of Scripture and releases the revelatory ministry of the Holy Spirit into one unique Christian meditation. The artistry and purity of her work is unparalleled in the music industry today. 

Scripture, instrumental music, beautiful allegories, and the sounds of nature will help you enter into the Glorious Presence of our wonderful Savior, where you can come into the full revelation of His Kingdom - on earth as it is in Heaven. These Holy Spirit inspired, musical compositions are created to accompany you as you learn to seek His face, hear His voice, rest in Him and wait upon Him to heal you in your body, mind, heart and soul.                                                                                                             


I will meditate on the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works! Psalm 145

His Glorious Presence 

Listen to the sounds of nature as you journey through the forest and into the heavens. A beautiful musical allegory of resurrection life. Receive His gifts, His promises and the hope of heaven! A true treasure, Interwoven with Scripture and instrumental music.

Healing Waters 

The emphasis is on healing various parts of your body, mind and heart as you journey into the deep, heavenly waters of the Lord. Swim into the heart of God and be wrapped up in His love. Explore His living streams and rivers and be cleansed by the rain. Seek Him in the pool of Knowledge, heal in His anointing and receive rest in His gentle Presence.    

Breath of Love

Be lifted up by the breath of God, find the fullness of life in the river of love, walk upon a sea of glass moving from glory to glory boldly seeking His face, & receive healing in the fountain of hope.

Honey & Light 

A restful and peaceful soaking CD with an emphasis on healing, being washed in The Word, soaring on His Promises, & exploring heaven-like places. This cd has been found to be especially healing for those with sleep disorders or depression.

Overflowing Grace

A wondrous depiction of the glory of Heaven. Enter into the garden of His holiness and dance upon the mountains in freedom & joy. Experience intimacy through the eyes of God & be filled with the bread & wine of His presence.

I Am The Clay

An extraordinary musical journey that promotes healing and deep rest. Soak under an open Heaven, explore rural countryside's and flowing rivers, encounter the Lord at the Potter's house and be transformed by the hand of God.

Streams from the Heavens; Instrumental Soaking

Angelic chords & strings of glory release the sounds of Heaven in this continuously flowing, musical masterpiece!

Soul Soaking; Sozo for the Soul

A Holy Spirit directed musical sozo session. As you soak in the presence of God, wounds are healed, strongholds are broken, truth is revealed, and doors that have held you in bondage are closed. 

Meditations for the Heart

Begin your day with the Lord, clothed in His magnificent armor. This meditation will increase your awareness to overcome the enemy. Part 2: Rest in the hands of the Potter, where He can transform your imperfections into His glorious righteousness! 

Aguas Curativas ( Spanish Version )

El enfoque de aguas curativas esta en la curación de diversas partes de su cuerpo, su mente, y su corazón, a medida que viaje a lo profundo de aguas celestiales del el señor. Vas a nadar en sus arroyos y ríos, encontrar el amor en su corazón, buscar su conocimiento, será sanado en su unción, será limpiado por la lluvia y encontrar descanso en su presencia. 



5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly What I Was Looking ForNovember 24, 2012
SavvyShopperDepot (East Coast) 
This review is from: Healing Waters; 

This CD is breathtaking. I was so pleased with it that I bought two extra copies for loved ones. I listen to a this artist's work every

chance I get and I always feel at ease afterwards. I am so grateful to have found her.



We draw near that He might draw nearer.